July 10, 2023

History of Bridal Makeup Trends Every Bride Should Know About


Bridal Makeup Trends NJ

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Bridal Makeup Trends Every Bride Should Know

Makeup is an art that has been an integral part of our community for many centuries. So it’s not surprising that today all a woman needs is an elegant, charming, and jaw-dropping makeover on her wedding or any big event to make that a memorable one. Be it her wedding, her bridal shower or baby shower every woman has the right to look like the star of the show. Having the perfect makeup up look goes hand in hand with this dream.

A wedding calls for many preps, and the most crucial one is the bridal makeup and hair for the special day. As time has passed, makeup techniques and trends have evolved, and this can alter the whole look into something entirely different. So before hopping on to an experienced bridal makeup artist in New Jersey, you should have a complete know-how of the brand new makeup trends hovering over the market to get an edge on your big day!

Read the entire article to know the current steaming trends in bridal looks!

  1. No makeup look is the new buzz.

Gone are the days where brides were all loaded with multiple layers of heavy makeup and dark eyes to look gorgeous. Instead, today brides prefer no makeup or nude makeup look with subtle eye makeup, rosy cheeks, and lips to accentuate the bride’s natural features. Zahret Makeup Art always prides itself in having a niche clientele, our brides are intelligent and confident in their own skin. More often then not, my brides say they want to look like themselves on their wedding – not a different person. And we deliver every time.

  1. Contouring

Contouring has been around for a while now and continues to dominate the makeup scene. A good contour will accentuate and carve features that are already there and give a perfect chiselled look to your face. It has been a novice and paramount technique used by professional bridal makeup artists in NJ. It defines your cheeks and other parts of your face hence amplifying your overall look!

  1. Bold eyebrows with nude lips

A strong eyebrow game is undoubtedly a stunner, turning heads. You can find a whole new range of products to fill your brows, such as eyebrow mascaras, gels, and powder to contour and tame so that it instantly adds drama to your bridal look.

Moreover, a wedding makeup artist in the New Jersey area like us is keen on creating a look with bold eyebrows and natural or nude lips to balance out the bride’s facial features.

  1. Smokey eyes are stealing the show

Eyes have been a significant element in grabbing all the attention. People go gaga over the gorgeous eye makeup of brides, and you definitely can’t give it a backseat. Opting for the styles like Smokey eyes or glittery ones with cut and crease are in, and adding dramatic eyelashes finishes the look!

  1. Dewy skin

Soft makeup looks with neutral shades and a lighter palette capture brides’ attention these days. Brides are opting for subtle and dewy makeup that reflects the freshness and flawlessness of the skin. There is no shortcut to perfect skin, all Zahret brides get a one-on-one consultation to go over their skin routines. Before the bridal makeup is applied, there is extensive skin prep done.

Wrapping Up –

No matter what the event, if you are the star for the day it is vital for you to choose the right professional wedding hair and makeup artist, who will take the time to sit with you, address your concerns and come up with a game plan that works for your aesthetic. We are in tandem with all the latest trends and know what you want! So hop on to Zahret today for all your bridal makeover needs and stay stress-free on your big day.


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