February 9, 2023

A Makeup Artist Reveals the Biggest Makeup Mistakes People Are Making Right Now

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You all very well know that makeup temporarily changes how you look, but it does not prove its importance. You can look good without makeup, too; the only thing is that makeup enhances your looks, even if it’s for a while until you go for permanent makeup treatment. But that, too, isn’t 100% reliable.

Makeup helps you cover the scars and blemishes on your face that makes you feel insecure. During important and joyous events, people usually tend to wear makeup to look better than on regular days. Especially during the wedding season, people hire bridal makeup artists in New Jersey to have that celebrity look.

But makeup artists who are not trained properly tend to make few or many mistakes while doing makeup, which might just not give you a look you were expecting. So keep reading to understand and avoid the mistakes while doing makeup.

Biggest Makeup Mistakes People Are Making Right Now

  1. Not prepping the skin: The first thing people usually do after opening a makeup kit is applied foundation. But this should be the first thing one should be doing. Some makeup artists ignore prepping of the skin and directly apply makeup. After a while, the makeup will start to look cakey and dry. It might even wear out. It is very important to prep your skin before you apply any makeup product to ensure flawless skin.
  2. Not selecting the right foundation shade: Another big mistake people make while doing makeup is selecting the wrong shade of foundation for the skin. Applying the wrong shade of makeup that doesn’t match your skin color will give a very fake and dull look. Bridal makeup artists in New Jersey say one should spend an extra amount of time while selecting a perfect foundation for your skin color to have that perfect look on big occasions.
  3. Applying makeup in the wrong lighting: It is a very bad idea to apply makeup in a room where there are not enough lights or bright lights. You wouldn’t want your scars to be visible in daylight or bright light after you have done your makeup. Applying makeup in a room that lacks light might make you miss a spot you want to cover. So it is important one should wear makeup under bright lights to cover dark spots.
  4. Wrong application of concealer: Another big mistake people make while doing makeup is that they apply too much or use the wrong concealer to hide dark circles. Knowing what shade of concealer can go well with your skin color is equally important. It is also important that you don’t use too much concealer to hide dark circles as it might give you an unnecessary bright look around your eyes and might not even blend in with the foundation.


Whatever the occasion is, a regular day or a joyous event, you must always avoid making these mistakes mentioned above to make sure you look as natural and beautiful as possible. If you want to have a celebrity makeup look, you should contact bridal hairdo New Jersey as it is your big day, and you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with the makeup.


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