A Celebrity Makeup Artist Breaks Down The Best Bridal Makeup Trends & Tips
June 30, 2023

A Celebrity Makeup Artist Breaks Down The Best Bridal Makeup Trends & Tips

Best Bridal Makeup Trends & Tips - NJWedding season is lingering around all the time, making bridal makeup artists always on demand. But choosing the best of the best makeup artists can be very challenging, especially when it is your big day. To have your dream bridal makeup, you should contact New Jersey Bridal Makeup Artist, who provides the best service and gives you a trendy look.

Your wedding day is most probably the most photographed day of your life. So naturally, you would want to look the best and ensure everything is done perfectly on your big day. You would want to have a celebrity-type makeup look on your wedding day and positively avoid as many blunders as possible.

This article tapped down some of the amazing tips to look the best on your big day. So keep reading to know more about those amazing tips to get perfect bridal makeup.


  1. Consider the Wedding Season: A bride should select their foundation accordingly for their wedding, says New Jersey Bridal Makeup Artist. If the wedding falls in winter, they should choose a foundation that will not make it look flat and dry. Instead, they should go for oily foundations. Similarly, during the summer season, the bride must not go for a foundation that gets too shiny or glittery very fast. If the wedding session is long, from daytime to night, they should opt for a long-lasting foundation that won’t wear out easily.
  2. Choose a Comfortable Lipstick: The lips are very important in bridal makeup, so make sure to spend extra time at the makeup counter and choose the right shade of lipstick. Brides usually opt for a natural shade of lipsticks, but in bridal makeup, one should choose bright colors to make the lips pop. Lipstick shade should also compliment the eye makeup and the bridal dress they will wear. If the eye makeup is smokey, the bride should opt for a natural or lighter shade of lipstick.
  3. Have a Trial Makeup: Before the wedding day, the bride should go for trial makeup at least once. Trial makeup is important as it will help them avoid mistakes during the main day. Trial makeup also means a chance to try different styles and looks with the bridal attire and also gives them a chance to make necessary changes in makeup products. This will make them happy and boost their confidence before they go for their final look.
  4. Keep Makeup Products Handy: Last but not least, a bride needs to keep a few products in their hand throughout the day of her wedding. Not every time, the makeup artist will be there with them for the covering and touch-ups. A bride must have a hand of translucent powder or blotting paper to wipe out the extra makeup, smudges, or sweat. This will help them retain their makeup for longer on their big day.


Hopefully, these tips mentioned above will help you with your bridal makeup on your big day. You can also hire the best bridal makeup artist from New Jersey Bridal Hair Stylists if you are serious about your bridal look.


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